Chad Abel & Jim Moreau both attended Niagara High School in Northeastern Wisconsin and both went on to pursue engineering degrees from Michigan Technical University. Chad pursued electrical engineering and Jim pursued mechanical engineering.

After graduating from college, Jim went on to work for Jeep Dodge Truck in Detroit for a year and then moved back home to Niagara to work at Brother Manufacturing as a design engineer.

Chad went on to work for Marquip Ward United who manufactures corrugated and sheeting equipment. Chad and his team installed over 50 sheeters worldwide.

7 years later, Chad contacted Jim about the idea of starting up their own paper converting business. Chad figured he knew as well as anyone how to install, troubleshoot, purchase, set-up, and operate the sheeters, so their main challenge would be finding customers.

Northwoods Paper Converting, Inc. (NPC) was founded in the fall of 1999 and is the fastest growing 100% contract converter in North America. NPC now has 2 locations (WI & PA) with a total of 11 precision sheeters and 1 slitter/rewinder with over 180 employees. NPC continues to re-invest back into the company to guarantee they have the best equipment to provide the tightest tolerances and quickest turnaround for their customers products.